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Backlinks and Listings – The Secret to Getting Top Spot on Google Places

If you own a business, it is an absolute must for you to have an Internet presence by getting listed in a local search engine like Google Places. In fact, to get the most exposure from Google Places and similar search engines, you have to make a grab for the top spot on the search engine ranking.This is not difficult to do at all. In order to achieve this, you only need to establish backlinks and get your website listed in other local online directories.Why do you need to get backlinks and submit your business information to local online directories?The reason is that these backlinks and listings legitimize your business in the eyes of Google. The more quality backlinks and listings that verify the existence of your business, the more legitimate and relevant your business becomes to Google. The more legitimate and relevant your business is according to Google, the higher your search engine ranking is.The quality of your linkages and listings also matters to Google. That is why it is important for you to submit your business information to websites and directories that Google also considers to be quality websites as well.You get better rankings if the websites that link and list your business are considered important by Google. Examples of these websites and local directories that are highly valued by Google are Bing Local, Yahoo Local, SuperPages, YellowBook, Yelp, Best of the Web Local, City Search, and USA Business Directory.Maintaining the online presence of your business does not stop with getting listed on local online directories, however. In order to keep your place at the top of the local search engine ranking, you need to make sure that your business information on the local directories you got your business listed in are current and updated.Not only does this make sure that your business information is always correct, but it also reminds Google that your business is alive and kicking.You need to have an online presence for your business even if your clients are mostly from your own locale. If you are linked and listed with local directories and are ranked high on Google Places, you take advantage of the opportunity to reach out to more people and get the word out on your products and services.